About us



Who are we?

The DAIRE Academy is made up of us, David and Irene, two young teachers of Primary Education who, after having taught in schools during this time, have decided to create an Online Academy of private classes that collects all our experience in classrooms, in addition to everything what we have discovered during our training, both professional and personal.

All these experiences have led us to create the DAIRE Academy on three fundamental pillars: our vocation to teach others; the passion for new technologies; and our tireless desire to see the world. With this we can answer the following questions.

Why an online academy?

There is no question that the current world that surrounds us, and surrounds our students, is enveloped by a huge range of new technologies that facilitate and bring us closer to information. For this reason, we consider that technology should not be understood as an addition, but as a transforming element of education and its learning process.

At our Academy we want to unite our passion for technology and all these advances in order to bring and teach content to our students in an innovative and creative way, making student-teacher interaction as real and close as possible.

School Support Classes

Have you seen the members of this academy in the photos? Outside jokes, they are a clear reflection of how students are, each one has their own way of being and of course their rhythm and way of learning.

As teachers by profession and vocation, with the creation of this academy we intend to achieve an individual and personalized response to our students, reaching those points that the school cannot cover. As consistency, we offer in our Private School Support Classes a teaching environment where we prioritize the student, his tastes and emotions, creating content appropriate to his way of understanding and learning.

Spanish Classes

The work need to learn other languages together with our passion for “knowing the world”, led us to live a long season in cities with other cultures, lifestyle habits and languages… incredible experience that has marked our lives.

However, the complex process we go through to learn how to communicate in a language that was not ours, leads us to offer at DAIRE Academy our “Spanish for Kids” classes and conversation classes “Let’s talk” . With classes for kids, we believe that the sooner language learning begins, the greater the ability to assimilate it; with conversation classes we want to offer a close, pleasant treatment and in which we can have a good time speaking in Spanish so that you can use and learn new vocabulary and expressions with us.

What about you?

This is us, and now that you know us a little more, we will be happy to meet you too, but above all to share good times while we learn in our classes. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get into DAIRE ACADEMY!


Bachelor of Primary Education - Universidad Complutense of Madrid

Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

Master's Degree in Management and Digital Transformation of Educational Centers

Techniques to motivate in the classroom

Emotional intelligence and expert in handling bullying

How to use tablets in the classroom