FAQ Online Classes


         - Devices to establish the video conference as a computer with webcam, tablet or smartphone.

         - Good internet connection (essential).

         - Download video conferencing software such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout or for Apple devices, Facetime.

         - Knowledge of how to use Google Drive (we can help you quickly). We use this platform to share content.


         - We recommend the use of screens with a minimum of ten inches (10 ") for the correct display of content.

         - If you have a touch screen like a tablet, we recommend using it for more dynamic interaction.

         - The use of headphones and microphone helps to keep outside noise from being an obstacle during class.

Our classes are completely online. As we mentioned in "what material do you need for the classes?", we will establish the classes through the video call applications mentioned. We would prefer to use Zoom because it offers us tools for greater interaction with students and content, but there would be no problem in using others.

Pffff ... this depends on many factors, and above all what you want to improve and how much time you have.


- School Support Classes: The minimum number of classes we offer is two a week, regardless of the bonus you choose, but it can always be expanded with another bonus with the same content or another that complements it. For example, you can take a bonus of 8 classes of "Following the pace" and another bonus of 4 classes of "The Homework Club". With this you could establish three classes a week that would provide a much higher quality of learning.

- Spanish classes: For the "Spanish for KIDS" classes, the minimum that can be chosen is two classes a week, but the maximum is set by you. The same happens with the conversation classes "Let's TALK", you decide, or rather your free time, how much you can dedicate to it, although the more you practice, the sooner you will improve.

At Academia DAIRE we offer you two payment methods: Bank Transfer or PayPal. When you contact us for the first time, we will inform you of the steps to be taken according to the payment method you have chosen.

You can see a list of the classes and their prices on the page about our pricing plans.

Due to the preparation we dedicate to your classes, you can cancel 24 hours in advance. To do this, send us an email to hola@academiadaire.com. Classes canceled with less than 24 hours will be counted as a completed class.

To recover your class we will offer you the possibility of taking it at other times that the Academy has available. The same class cannot be canceled and postponed more than once, if the class is lost once it is postponed, it will count as completed.

INDIVIDUAL CLASS: For this type of classes we offer the possibility of changing the schedule if it has been canceled before 24 hours, with an expiration of 30 days. There is no possibility of refund if payment has been made.

BONDS OF 4 OR 8 CLASSES: If you decide to cancel any of the Bonuses that you have acquired, the refund of the classes that have NOT been taken will be accepted if the 50% of the classes have not been exceeded. In case of exceeding 50% of the number of classes acquired, the student will be offered the possibility of recovering these classes at another time during the next 2 months, provided that the Academy has available hours to do so.

If you want to request the refund of a bonus, the completed lessons will be counted as individual classes (regardless of the chosen bonus) since the package of 4 or 8 have an offer applied. The PayPal or bank transfer fee for the refund will be charged to the student.

Individual classes are fixed when you want, so it is not a problem. However, when you cancel a class, this class will expire in 30 days from when it was first fixed. If it is not done in that 30-day period, it will be lost.

For bonus of 4 or 8 classes, the expiration is 60 days from the date of purchase.