School Support Classes

What do you need to improve?

Acaemia DAIRE offers you Online School Support Classes with which to give your studies a boost. Choose from these three modalities the one that best suits your needs: "Following the pace" , "The Homework Club" and "Study techniques" .




Following the pace

Fully customizable and individual reinforcement classes with which we will deepen in all those subjects that you need to improve and the school cannot cover, so that you do not fall behind on the way to the finish line.


Dynamic and interactive classes that complement or extend the content studied in their schools: mathematics, science, language literacy, arts, etc.


We will carry out a continuous evaluation and analysis of the daily work that the student does in class with which we will encourage their participation.


We will boost student interest in what is studying, showing them in an innovative and creative way that develops greater involvement and the desire to learn.

Study Techniques

With these classes you will learn methods to make studying a more attractive and much more effective process, facilitating the acquisition of healthy study habits to improve the subsequent development of the study.

Get straight to the point

Understanding is essential to learning, and for this we will focus on teaching reading techniques, underlining and summaries.

More memory

To get a memory in shape we have to train it. For this we will exercise it through activities and techniques of association and repetition.

Mental scheme

We will work on different types and models of schematization to favor the joint vision of the subject, promote reasoning and strengthen learning.

The Homework Club

In this Club we will be in charge of accompanying, solving, explaining and correcting the doubts of the students during the time that they do homework which are sent to them at school.

Get the correct answer

We will promote the ability to understand, reason and correctly apply the knowledge acquired.

Think by themself

The student will strengthen and perfect through practice the techniques acquired to solve new problems.


We will build a playful-technological learning environment that impacts the way in which the student discovers the content.