School Support Classes


How are the classes?

In order to have a first contact with our classes, where we can carry out some activities in which we will know the academic level of the student and their concerns, we offer this FREE first class (duration 30 min).

The individual class will last 45 minutes.

The "Monthly Course" class will last 45 minutes, and you can choose between two classes a week or a class of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

SCHEDULE: When the student acquires one of our individual classes or Monthly Course, he or she will decide a time to carry out their two weekly sessions (minimum for the Monthly Course option). This schedule must be maintained for all sessions covered by said course. If the monthly course is renewed, this schedule may be modified by another that is available.

Classes will be held using video conferencing applications such as Skype, Zoom or Hangouts. In the case of having a touch screen or tablet we would recommend its use for greater interaction with the teacher.

The pricing plans included in "Study Techniques" are: Individual Class or Monthly Course.

Choose the price that best suits you

You can choose between a number of individual classes you want, or if you prefer, save money with our fantastic Monthly Course with 8 classes.

individual class


monthly course


In the "Monthly Course" pricing plan, the student must complete a minimum of 2 classes per week . (In case of not doing so, they will lose as many classes as they have not completed)