Spanish Classes

What do you need to improve?

Academy DAIRE offers Online Spanish Classes maked on your fit, where you could pick out what you want to learn. Choose from these three modalities the one that best suits your needs: "Spanish for kids" , "Let's talk" and "Spanish Courses to take away".





Spanish for KIDS

Do not miss the opportunity for your children to learn Spanish as a second language with these classes specially built for them.

Interactive classes

All content of our classes is focused on the complete participation of the student in the activities, where he or she is the main protagonist.

Play & Learn

Our students will learn Spanish without realizing that they are studying through interactive activities such as games, drawings or music.


We want our students to be comfortable while they discover the language and to want to continue learning more and more every day.


To practice your Spanish with a native teacher, these conversation classes are your best choice.

What's the topic?

You can choose the topic of the conversation based on your likes and hobbies, or we will propose creative and current topics.

Native teachers

Feel confident and comfortable from day one by communicating with highly qualified native Spanish teachers.

Vocabulary & Idioms

You will learn to use new words and expressions that make your Spanish sound more fluent and natural.

Spanish to TAKE AWAY

Lack of time may be one of the reasons why we do not launch forth what we would like to do. These courses offer you the possibility of learning Spanish at your own pace, you decide how many classes you want to take and what content to learn, with no schedule limit. How do we do it? We have created a virtual platform from which you can download our courses whose content is organized by levels and blocks.
What are you waiting for? You no longer have an excuse to get better your Spanish level.

Your own schedule

Do you work better in the morning or at night? If you opt for one of our courses you can choose when to study according to your preferences and the rest of your daily activities, without fixed schedules.

Quality lessons

All of our online Spanish courses are made up of elaborate multimedia material to make your learning easier and entertaining: explanatory video, slide presentation, and activity documents and recommendations.

Always with you

You will have your course wherever you are since you can view the content through any mobile device such as smartphones or tablets. No heavy books or lost notes, all in your pocket.